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Developing High Performers of Screen Technology

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The pandemic created a sense of urgency when the world moved overnight from live audiences to virtual viewers.

The massive shift led to new skills required of speakers at a virtual conference, attendees, sponsors, and producers of the annual convention.

Not everyone transitioned well. Old-style habits were not easy to leave behind.

Until now.

Virtual Conference Mastery brought together a bank of experts to ensure that when you take part in a virtual conference, it doesn’t turn into a waste of time.

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Trends, Tactics, & Savvy Secrets for 

Speakers, Attendees, Sponsors,

Event Organizers, & Trainers

meet the masters

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Tripp Braden

Global brand journalist, specializing in the convergence

of marketing and technology, and recognized as a top 25 global tech influencer in fields as diverse as digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and

the internet of things.

Thomas Bradshaw

Executive trainer, corporate speaker, and university educator in voice, speech

and presentation skills.

His clients include speakers in
business, government, professional speaking

and the arts.

Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant and CEO/Founder of The Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting (SEBOC), adding to VCM the elements of

how to lead and influence critical interactions.

Sharon A. M. MacLean

Entrepreneurship, magazine publishing, and social marketing are the threads that weave throughout her business life. Sharon positioned her

magazine and its flagship special events online before selling the media enterprise.

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