High performers on-screen using virtual technology.

our vision

our mission

Our mission is to create high performers on screens to:

  • Use the latest in psychology to effectively lead and influence critical remote interactions.

  • Gain an advantage over through robust marketing.

  • Maximize and monetize digital assets;

all targeted to scale business through successful events. 

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Tripp Braden

A global brand journalist with Market Leadership Journal, Tripp specializes in the convergence of marketing and technology.


He is recognized as a top 25 global tech influencer in fields as diverse as digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.

How do you position your brand to increase revenue and growth in 2021? Can you take advantage of new marketing trends to make 2021 a breakthrough year for your business? Tripp Braden shares several new marketing trends that can help you increase your sales and profits faster.

Learn several simple strategies help you transform your business by leveraging your current strengths in new ways. Use the following ideas help you grow:

  • Leverage your current clients.

  • Increase sales and profits per client.

  • Help position your expertise


  • Get the most out of your support team.

Global brand journalist with Market Leadership Journal, Tripp specializes in the convergence of marketing and technology. He is recognized as a top 25 global tech influencer and thought leader in fields as diverse as digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and internet of things.

These strategies won’t work for everyone. To determine if they could help take your business to the next level, set up a 30-minute complimentary conversation.

Tom Bradshaw

Tom holds degrees from York University MFA (Acting), Trinity College London, LTCL (Speech) as well as membership in VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association) U.S.A. and STSD (Society of Teachers in Speech and Drama) U.K.


He instructed at the Canadian National Voice Intensive and completed the MFA (Voice and Speech) Teaching program at York University. 

Book Tom to:​

  • Develop your speaking voice for greater success.

  • Script your presentation for maximum impact

  • Deal with the anxiety of performance

  • Learn the acting skills required to be authentic on screen.

  • Use your natural resonance to build color and tone.

  • Avoid becoming a monotone speaker by discovering your optimum pitch

  • Increase volume without damaging the voice.

  • Improve your articulation for greater impact on your listener. For non-native English speakers accent modification is also available.

  • Learn the three pauses you can use to engage your audience and get them to think.


Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh

Dr. Lucabaugh is an Employee Communication & Negotiation Coach | Industrial/Organizational Psychology consultant.  He is also the founder of The Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting (SEBOC),


He has served a variety of organizations, developing and executing corporate leadership, onboarding, and critical communication programs, as well as employee engagement, culture, and time-management systems.


He also created statistics, research methods, leadership, psychology, and HR courses for both national and international clients. 

Book Dr. Lucabaugh to:


  • Master high-stakes interactions

  • Effectively lead and influence during those conversations you dread.

  • Master the behaviors necessary to be effective in any leadership role, through a combination of psychological assessment and results-based coaching. 

  • Use his proprietary employee engagement system within your organization.

  • Become an effective creator and facilitator of workshops and training.

  • Build an employee onboarding experience that creates an immediate emotional attachment to your organization.

  • Build a supervisory development, train the trainer, or critical communication program that actually turns learning into behavior.

  • Speak at your organization on effective communication techniques and mastering critical interactions.

  • Help your salesforce master in-person or virtual sales interactions.

Sharon A.M.Maclean

Entrepreneurship, magazine publishing, and social marketing are the threads that weave throughout her business life. Sharon positioned her magazine and its flagship special events online before selling the media enterprise to lead an online start-up for wellness experts.


Sharon received an Inspiration Award in 2019 from the Universal Women’s Network, Global Television’s Woman of Vision Award, and a nomination for the YMCA’s Woman of Distinction in Business. 

Book Sharon to close the gaps between: 

  • How you see your business

  • How it wants to be seen 

  • How your business is perceived by stakeholders 

With a view to designing a Digital Marketing Plan informed by: 

  • Evidence-based Research 

  • Marketing Strategies Infused by Empathy

  • Relevant Measurement